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Affiliate Non-Voting Membership - Please Complete Page Two
Associate Membership - Please Complete Sections "A" to "E" as Appropriate & Page Two
Ordinary Membership - Please Complete Sections "D" & "E" & Page Two

Section "A" Must also complete Sections "D" & "E". I have served in the:
Cadets    Cadet Civilian Instructors    Navy League of Canada    Polish Forces   
Section "B" Must also complete Sections "D" & "E". I am the:
Parent    Spouse    Widow/er    Grandchild    Child    Sibling    Niece/Nephew   
of a person who is or was eligible for ordinary membership: and who is or was a:
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Commonwealth subject
    USA citizen
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    NATO country citizen
(German Branch Only)
Section "B" Must also complete Sections "D". I am the:
Child   of an Associate member   or I am the: Spouse    Sibling    of an Associate Member who
qualified under Section "A" or Section "C"; who: is    was    a: Life    Ordinary    Associate   
Member of Branch:  Command & Branch No.     Membership No. 
Section "D" Eligibility and/or Relationship is established by:
Discharge Certificate    Service Records    Marriage Certificate    Birth Certificate   
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Underground Force     NATO     NORAD     US Force     Vietnam     Police Force    
Coast Guard     Other:  
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Theaters of Service:   
Medals and Decorations:   

All Applicants Must Complete The Rest of this Form
I hereby certify that I have never been dishonourably discharged from, deserted from nor evaded service in the Forces of any country.
I hereby solemnly declare that I am not a member of, nor affiliated with, any group, party or sect whose interest conflict with the avowed purposed of the Legion, and I am not a communist, fascist or anarchist, and do not, and will not, support any organization advocating the overthrow of our government by force or which advocates, encourages or participates in subversive action or propaganda.
I hereby certify to the correctness of all the particulars contained herein and make application for membership in and agree to abide by the constitution, rules and by-laws of The Royal Canadian Legion.
I hereby certify that I am not eligible for Ordinary &/or Associate membership (applies to Associate and Affiliate Non-Voting members only).
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For Branch Use
...fied that section 225 of the General By-Laws has been applied and that satisfactory proof of service and ...ionship has been submitted where applicable.
Branch Membership Committee:  Date: 
... Passed at General Meeting:    Date of Initiation: 
Membership Dues Paid:    Date: 

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